Kritchanut Chaimongkon and Juggapong Natwichai

Published in Data Science and Engineering (DSE) Record 2021 Vol. 2 No. 1 pp. 45-48



This independent study analyzes the factors affecting customer priorities us-ing multiple data sources for the International Accreditation Services busi-ness with a conceptual representation of the importance of this independent study. As the current offering model does not prioritize and take into ac-count a number of factors, this work can result in a more effective offering. Factor analysis by visualizing information is studied to see the overall pic-ture of the data as a dimension. The model is developed into Microsoft Pow-er BI, thus it is possible to find observations from the various type of data. We have found the following insight, i.e. the food factory business had the highest number of requests for certification, followed by electronic parts manufacturing and energy sector. In terms of financial viability factor, if we observed from those who are interested in purchasing the certification ser-vice, it was found that the ability to spend on investments was approximate-ly four times higher than those of the non-interested group. These factors together with registered capital, income, and asset value can futher prioritize the service offering in the future.