Ekkarach Sunanta and Pruet Boonma

Published in Data Science and Engineering (DSE) Record 2021 Vol. 2 No. 1 pp. 24-28



The objective of this independent study was to develop a system to summarize the health status of multiple relational databases using ETL (Extract Transforms Load) techniques which extract data from various sources, transform and load it into a master database. Then, the health status data is analyzed and presented by using the business intelligence tool. This system provides a convenient and time-saving platform for observing the availability and identifying anomalies of each database. Furthermore, this system allows the administrators to detect problems that can occur, such as disk space full, which can cause the system to stop and, consequently, damage the system's reliability. The proposed system is evaluated in two aspects. First, the time spent making a summary of the health of the database to check abnormal from these databases is compared between the existing system and the proposed system. Second, the ac-curacy and completeness of the information provided by the proposed approach are compared with that of the current system. The evaluation found that the pro-posed system can meet the expected time saving, contains complete information as expected, and has verified that the data is correct with the fact data in each da-tabase source.